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Seniors: Library due date: April 30th
Attention Seniors:
Caps & gowns for graduation will be distributed May 1st-4th. This means that you must clear your record with the Library Media Center by April 30th. All library books must be returned and all outstanding overdue fines & library fees must be paid by April 30th, or you will not be able to pick up your cap & gown.
If you have lost a book, you will need to pay for it before you may pick up your cap & gown. If you cannot afford to pay for it, you may work off your debt in the library media center before or after school. However, you must see Ms. Hawk as soon as possible to make arrangements.

DeKalb Board of Education Policy Code IFA-R(1) states, “Media Center Materials:  Students who lose, destroy, or otherwise damage media center materials shall be required to reimburse the DeKalb County Board of Education for the replacement value of the item.  The price charged for a lost book or other material shall be determined by the replacement value of the material.  A processing charge of $1.00 shall also be assessed.”  Georgia Code 20-2-1013 states: “[T]he following sanctions [may be made] against a pupil who fails or refuses to pay for a lost or damaged textbook, library book, or media material at the replacement cost: 1) Refusal to issue any additional textbooks, library books, or media materials until restitution is made; 2) Withholding of all grade cards, diplomas, or certificates of progress until restitution is made.” 
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