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Chromebook Tips & Shortcuts
Now that we have 1-to-1 Chromebooks, there are naturally some questions about how to use them. Students will have noticed that these are not exactly laptops, but they work very much like laptops for most school work.
The biggest thing to note is that the Chromebooks will not print to school computers. If you need to print, you will need to pull your document up on a desktop computer. Your documents save automatically to the cloud, either in your school OneDrive (Microsoft Office 365) or in your school Google Drive. To access these on another computer, simply go to the DHS webpage & click the link for Launchpad. (Launchpad is usually one of the tabs that automatically opens in Chrome on a school desktop computer). Then, simply login with your school email address & password (your and the password you use to login to any school computer).
Attached, please find some shortcuts that you may find useful when using your Chromebook.
Students please be advised that you may use stickers or labels to help you identify your Chromebook, charger, and bag; however, you may not use permanent markers, including Sharpies, nor may you engrave or etch into the Chromebook. Doing so will invalidate the warranty
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Chromebook Shortcuts
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