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2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Device Deployment (Chromebooks)
[photo: Digital Dreamers logo]
2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Chromebook deployment

The Digital Dreamers comprehensive technology program is the district’s initiative to increase students’ technological footprint and prepare them to be globally competitive students.  In order to support this initiative, all students at Dunwoody HS are eligible to receive a Google Chromebook.  The Chromebook is considered educational material, and just like a traditional textbook, it is a resource to support teaching and learning.

Please participate in the 2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Comprehensive Technology Program using the link below.  Parents, you must complete the insurance information for each child separately.  When entering your child’s student ID, use numbers only (do not include the "S").  The cost of insurance is $20.  You can sign up for insurance and complete the user agreement by clicking on the link below.
Please use Chrome for best results.

Students signing up and insuring their devices between now and August 17th could have their devices by Thursday, August 23rd

Students participating in the Digital Dreamers Comprehensive Technology Program will receive an Acer R11 Chromebook Device preloaded with district specific software and wireless capabilities.  These devices are considered educational material and, like traditional textbooks,
will serve as a resource to support teaching, learning and assessments.  As an insured participant, coverage with go through the 2018-2019 school year.

REMINDER: Personal devices
will not have access to the DCSD wireless network.
Additional information may be found by clicking the orange Digital Dreamers button to the left. Questions may be directed to Ms. Larryssa Harris at



El programa de tecnología integral Digital Dreamers es una iniciativa del distrito con el fin de aumentar la huella tecnológica de estudiantes y prepararlos para ser competitivos globalmente. Para poder apoyar esta iniciativa, todos los estudiantes de Dunwoody HS son elegibles para recibir un Google Chromebook. El Chromebook es considerado una herramienta educativa, y al igual que un libro de texto tradicional, es un recurso para apoyar la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. 

Attachments Available To Download:
2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Student Device User Agreement (PDF)
2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Student Device User Agreement (Word)
2018-2019 Digital Dreamers Student Device User Agreement (PDF) -- Spanish