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Junior Individual Conferences

The Counseling Department is excited to announce the start of our Junior Individual Conferences during the month of March.  Topics that will be discussed include the following:  Diploma Options, Graduation Requirements, Testing Opportunities,, HOPE Eligibility, and Future Plans beyond high school.  Parents and students are both invited to attend.  Please note that all conferences will conclude March 30, 2018.  We encourage all families to sign up for a time prior to the end date.  As sign up times fill up, we will add more times.  


Signing up is easy:

  1. Please find your student's counselor and then click the link below the counselor's name.      
  2. Select a date and time and sign up with the student's first initial and last name (ie. A. Love).  Please do not sign up with the parent's name. 
  3. Finally, ask your student to stop by to see Mrs. Davis in the counseling office prior to your appointment for a hall pass.

We look forward to meeting with students and their parents as we prepare for Senior Year 2019!  

Sign up Genius for Mrs. deRoux (Students with the Last Name of A-D):



Sign up Genius for Mrs. Carr (Students with the Last Name of E-I):



Sign up Genius for Mr. Hughes (Students with the Last Name of J-M):


Sign up Genius for Mrs. Gordon (Students with the Last Name of N-S):



Sign up Genius for Mrs. Love (Students with the Last Name of T-Z):