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GAME ON! Capital Campaign 100-Day Challenge -- Updated 11/27/17
GAME ON! Capital Campaign 100-Day Challenge -- Updated 11/27/17

GAME ON! Capital Campaign Update:

QUESTION ANSWERED that many of you have asked:

Yes, you may


PAY IN 2018


Hello, again!

More Dunwoody Friends have donated! Thank you!! See list of names below.

We will continue to update you every week during our 100-Day Challenge! We invite you to join this group of supporters!
  • Bleachers are installed!
  • New athletic storage units are installed!
  • Sidewalk is poured!
  • Games are being played with spectators watching!
  • Re-surfacing track is on contractor’s calendar!
  • Fencing around track is on contractor’s calendar!
GAME ON! is still on! Progress is happening! Super excited! These projects were made possible through donations to the Game On! Athletic Facility Capital Campaign.

As the completion of Phase 1 draws near, it’s not too late to join GAME ON!’s 100-Day Challenge!! See the names of friends and neighbors below who have stepped up to the challenge of helping raise money for Phase 2.

Please join the following donors who were the first to accept the 100-Day Challenge invitation:
Pankey & Horlock, David Goodchild, Bill Gavlak, Jennie Springer, Stacy Stepney, Stephen Goldin, Nanci Rosing, Chuck Seets, Elizabeth Morris, Annemarie Madden, Kim Bertschi, Will Jackson, Hunter Sandifer, Vickie Volan, Richard Wilcox, Joyce Many, Jennifer Troha, Deborah Cameron, Stephanie Schiele, Nicki Mitchell, Jennifer Cohen, Jeffrey Cohen, Jeff & Lynn Garber, Shari Wassell, Rachel & Joe Greenfeld, Lynne Perry, Tripp Allen, Hope Follmer, Marynell & Paul Fernandez.

Our newest donors: All Fore One annual golf tournament sponsored by Dunwoody cluster schools, David & Liz Joyce, Jana Tessler, Marni Barrett, Jeff Johnson, Tom & Georgianna Hendrickson, Holly Blake, Brian Anderson, Amanda Rappoport, Barry & Lynn Deutsch, Larry Bartel, Ryan Maddox.

More donors this week: Jon LeDoyen, Lee & Lili Warren, Jeff & Kathy Grashof, Mark & Elizabeth Julian, Neal & Carol Mulford, Melanie & Kevin Gracey, Peggy Carroll, Nicki Mitchell (again!), Parke & Melinda Schalon, Ric Sirmans.

A sincere THANK YOU for your generosity.

The challenge is to raise an additional $400,000 to begin the next phase of our campaign. A month in, we are well on our way. Phase 2 will include lights for the multi-use field and the softball field, as well as a brick box building at our entrance to sell concessions and tickets. This new building will include restrooms! We also plan to improve our grounds with an archway entrance to our athletic facility and a way to permanently recognize our donors.

We will thank ALL our past and future supporters for helping make this dream a reality on Tuesday, October 31 … a treat for Dunwoody High School. Stay tuned! GAME ON, Wildcats!

For more information, updates on our progress, and to donate online or by check, please go to the following link:
See below for WAYS TO GIVE (how donors will be permanently recognized). Donations are not limited to these amounts. We will gladly accept any amount you can give to help us reach our goal.

Other Ways You Can Help:
  • Host a fundraising party/gathering/coffee.  Email Melissa Humphries at to pick a date.
  • Spread the word!
  • Share on Facebook!
Attachments Available To Download:
Ways to Give