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Hurricane Irma Make-Up Days -- UPDATED 10/23/17
Make-Up Schedule
Making up lost instructional time is key after Hurricane Irma. DeKalb County School District to extend school days by 20 minutes from October 2 to November 30.

DeKalb County School District (DCSD) will continue to add 20 minutes to its school day through Thursday, Nov. 30, in an effort to recapture much of the instructional time lost due to the storm known as Hurricane Irma. Other important aspects of this plan include:

  • There will be no 20-minute extended day on Tuesday, Oct. 31.
  • DCSD schools and offices will also remain open on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 7) as the district ensures that students don’t miss out on lessons vital to their academic achievement.
  • Schools will also be closed Nov. 20-24 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Winter Break will remain as originally scheduled.

In sum, these moves will allow DCSD to recover three of the four days lost to Irma. The district will waive the fourth day. For more information, click here. Please see the attached Bell Schedule below.
Attachments Available To Download:
Bell Schedule: Inclement Weather make-up