Dunwoody High School

Dekalb County Schools

Parking Lottery 2024 2025

Important Information for PARENTS AND STUDENTS:
Due to the limited number of student parking spaces, student parking permits will be issued to seniors only. Therefore, NOT all seniors who apply will be guaranteed a parking permit.
The 2024-2025 Student Parking Lottery Application for the Class of 2025 will be available online.   Any student wishing to have a parking spot on campus must complete the online registration. 
ONLY students in the senior class who have a legal/valid driver’s license, appropriate insurance, a 2025 Fall schedule that shows 12th grade, and no severe disciplinary issues (no more than 5 suspension [ISS/OSS] days OR no more than 20 unexcused absences/tardies in 2023-24 school year) will be eligible to enter the parking lottery.   
Permits will be issued based on a lottery drawing of all eligible applications. No requests for parking permits will be granted once the permits have been issued through the lottery drawing. An additional 25 student names will be drawn and put on a waiting list. This means that if a student who obtains a parking space on campus loses his/her privileges due to discipline or attendance infractions, that student’s parking space would be made available for the next student on the waiting list.
Parking spaces at St. Luke's Presbyterian Church (at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Vermack) will be sold to seniors on a first come basis until end of day August 8thParking spaces at St. Luke’s will be available for sale to juniors on August 9th
On or before July 21st, seniors should complete the online registration and upload a copy of their driver’s license and insurance. , (12th grade must be on the schedule).  Seniors not in attendance at the drawing may upload the application with all the necessary forms completed: two page application AND a photo copy of the senior’s driver's license must be submitted by the deadline of 3:30 pm, on July 21st.  
Students can click on the link below or use the QR code. 
The lottery will be held on July 26th at 2:00 in the gym. Students must be present or have a family member present.  This will be a live drawing using a randomizer. Once chosen the student will be able to choose their parking space. 
Eligible students (lottery winners) will receive a parking pass after paying the $45 feeUpon receiving your permit, please always remember to display it on the rearview mirror in your car and park only in YOUR assigned student parking space on school property. Students can only park in designated spaces in the gym parking lot. Only vehicles with proper DHS parking tags can park on school property. The designated student parking lot is the Gym Lot near the baseball field and the gym doors. Only students with a current DHS-issued parking permit are allowed to park on school property and must park in the parking space that corresponds to the number on the parking permit. 
Failure to obey the parking regulations listed below or falsifying any information will result in the loss of parking privileges, ticketing by the DeKalb Schools Police Department, and/or additional disciplinary actions, as described in the DeKalb School District Discipline Code:
  • Parking in unauthorized areas on school property, such as district personnel designated spaces (restricted numbered spaces, the spaces in front of the school, and the auditorium parking lot), faculty/staff designated parking lots, spots designated for the handicapped, yellow/red marked curbs, reserved spots or visitor spots.
  • Parking on school property without an approved DHS parking permit designated for the current school year.
  • Parking on school property with an UNREGISTERED OR UNINSURED vehicle.
  • The loss of parking privileges will occur after a student’s 5th unexcused tardy/absence to school or 5th suspension day (ISS/OSS).