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Dress Code reminders - 4/11/22

Students: even though it is Spring we still have a dress code policy at DHS. No sagging or underwear tank tops for young men and no spaghetti straps or midriffs (exposed belly) for young ladies. If you do not correct your dress code violation when asked, you must go to ISS.

Students please be reminded that the dress code has not changed.
  • You CANNOT wear hats or hoodies in the building
  • You must wear your mask covering your nose
  • You must have your shoulders and stomach always covered
  • If you wear a shirt or jacket to cover a tank top or midriff shirt you must always keep it on
Administrators and school staff will be giving afterschool detentions for dress code violations effective immediately. There will be no more warnings. The most common dress code violations are:

Sagging pants, spaghetti strapped and midriff shirts,  too short shorts, hats and hoodies

If you question if something is appropriate to wear to school then do not wear it. If your dress code violation cannot be corrected, you will have to call your parent to bring appropriate clothing.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted Thursday, September 9, 2021