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Dunwoody High School

Dekalb County Schools



Tom Bass, Principal

[photo: Tom Bass, Principal]
Welcome Wildcats! / Bienvenidos Wildcats!
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Stacey Blake, Asst. Principal: Discipline, Athletic Director, Facilities, CTAE&HPE

stacey blake photo

Mr. Blake is the Assistant Principal for Attendance and Discipline (Student last names N-V) and is the administrative liaison for CTAE & HPE departments, as well as working with Ms. Wright in the Counseling Department for students in 10th-12th grades with last name N-V. Additionally, he oversees the custodial staff, building safety, and the duty roster, as well as serving as the Athletic Director for the school. Mr. Blake feels it is the responsibility of staff, parents, and stakeholders to help every student develop a strong character and be a part of a safe and orderly school environment. He advocates for Dunwoody HS to provide equal educational opportunities to all students and bring an end to bullying, harassment, and bias.

Larryssa Harris, Asst. Principal, College Board Assessments; 12th Grade students G-M

larryssa harris photo
Mrs. Harris is ecstatic to be a part of Dunwoody High School’s awesome learning community! In addition to having over 20 years of instructional and leadership experience with the DeKalb County School District, Mrs. Harris is also a proud product of DCSD. As the Assistant Principal for Assessments for the College Board exams (PSAT, AP), Mrs. Harris works with all stakeholders as we document our focus on maximizing student learning and growth. Her door is always open, as she is delighted to serve the faculty, staff, community, and most importantly, the students of DHS. Mrs. Harris is the administrative liaison for the Science and Fine Arts and for students in 12th grade with last names G-M, alongside the counseling department.

Andy Jameson, Asst. Principal, Instruction; 10th - 12th Grade last names W-Z

andy jameson photo

Mr. Jameson is the Assistant Principal of Instruction at Dunwoody High School.  He is the administrative liaison to  the Special Education Department, and he also works closely with Mr. Ingram in the Counseling Office for students with last names beginning with T – Z.  He is over the master schedule for the school and works very closely with the entire Counseling Department to make certain that students are scheduled for the correct courses needed for graduation.  Mr. Jameson has been a member of the Wildcat Family since 1998. 

Amiraht Lester, Asst. Principal: Math & WL;10-12th Grade Students A-F

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Mrs. Amiraht Lester is excited about the new school year and bringing the Dunwoody Experience to all students! She will support the Math and WL departments, as well as 10-12th grade students with last names A -F, alongside Mrs. deRoux in the Counseling Department. Mrs. Lester is very passionate about education and has a goal of ensuring that ALL students know that they are GREAT and that they can accomplish ANYTHING!  Let's go WILDCATS!

Joel Posey, Asst. Principal: Attendance; Social Studies and ELA Depts.; Discipline 9th Grade

[photo: Posey]

Mr. Posey is excited to be a part of the Wildcat family and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve the Dunwoody community. Mr. Posey is responsible for Attendance and  Discipline for last names 9th grade. Mr. Posey brings 17 years of experience and will have the opportunity to serve the Social Studies and ELA Departments. He is very passionate about focused growth, leadership development and maximizing student achievement. Mr. Posey looks forward to a great year serving the Wildcat nation!  LET’S GO!

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