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Dunwoody High School

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Dunwoody High School Fundraising Opportunities


The following fundraising opportunities have been arranged through school support organizations that include the DHS PTSO and parent booster clubs. Your support of these initiatives provides additional funds for school facilities and activities.

<font color="00008a">Arts Alliance Auditorium Nameplate</font>

Make your mark for posterity.

The DHS Arts Alliance is selling personalized nameplates for the seats in the DHS auditorium. The sale begins Monday, April 22nd and continues until May, 17th. The nameplates cost $55.00 each. Seniors get a $5.00 discount.

These nameplates make a wonderful senior graduation gift, so you can leave a lasting legacy in your child's honor. Purchase one for your family. Consider honoring a favorite teacher or a teacher who is retiring. The nameplates are available to all in the community, school, and all grades.

For more info or to purchase your nameplate, download the order form, and send it to Emily McIntyre at [email protected].

<font color="00008a">Merchant Rebates</font>

Help raise money for Dunwoody High School by participating in our merchant rebate programs. Please return in the future for more information.

<font color="00008a">Wildcat Pride</font>

The Dunwoody High School Wearhouse, run by the students in the DECA Club, and parent booster clubs sell spirit items to raise funds for the school, sports teams, and clubs, and to promote school spirit. Contact the various booster clubs for selections. For additional spirit items, as well as restaurant "Spirit Nights," please see the various booster club organizations for Dunwoody's sports & extracurricular clubs.

<font color ="#00008a">Alumni</font>

The DHS Community Association, or Wildcat Fund, was established in 2004 to assist with the improvement of the athletic and academic facilities at Dunwoody High School. The Wildcat Fund hosts auctions and golf tournaments that help raise money for the school.

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