Dunwoody High School

Dekalb County Schools

2021-2022 New Student Registration

Registration for new and transfer students ONLY:

Hello Parents,
Before beginning, please make sure you have completed the DeKalb County Online Registration process first. Please visit https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/registration/ to complete the Online Registration.

Thank you so much for your patience as we prepare for the 2021-20221 school year. Below I have attached packets for each grade level, please read through the information and complete each page. I have included directions for each page of the packet, so let’s get started…

Please click and print the packet(s) for your family.

Page 1 - Course Request Form
Enter the student’s name, ID number, if previous DeKalb student, Parent Signature, Date, Application # from online registration, Parent cell # and Parent email.
For each course the parent will initial by each course the student will take.
The definitions of the levels are listed on the right of the course selection form, this will determine the rigor of the courses.
Page 2 - Course Request Form
Select a world language (initial by one world language)
In reference to the electives, please select up to six electives, numbering 1-6 with number one being the student’s favorite. Please number this section only.

Page 3 and 4 - Descriptions of the elective courses
A brief description of the available electives
Page 5 - Student Records Request
Complete the requested information from the student’s name to the parent signature. This form is necessary, if I have to request any official documents from the previous school. If your child has attended more than one school, please make a copy so I can request the information in regards to high school credit.

Page 6 - Diploma Choice form
Complete the requested information at the top of the page. Place a check in one of the following:
College Prep Seal, Career Technology Seal or Honors/Distinction.
Parent and student will sign the form.

Returning your packet (Email or drop-off)
Make a copy of the packet for your records and return all pages except pages 3 and 4. You can email the completed packet to [email protected].  
Please visit the DHS Registration & Enrollment webpage for more information: http://www.dunwoodyhs.dekalb.k12.ga.us/Registration.aspx 
Please also visit the DeKalb County Registration webpage:  https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/registration/

Thank you,

Pamela Tate-Holloway

Attachments Available to Download