Tom McFerrin, Principal

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Dear Dunwoody High School Families,

Welcome back to a wonderful Wildcat school year! We are committed to the success of every student and to the tradition of Wildcat PRIDE among all those involved with the DHS community. We all must take Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence to ensure our students reach their academic goals … that is The Wildcat Way.

Our dedicated staff at DHS is focused on preparing young adults to be ready for any challenge that may face them and we embrace the opportunity to develop the individual skills and attributes that Dunwoody graduates exemplify … that is The Wildcat Way.

In addition, I truly believe extra-curricular activities enhance the high school experience and encourage our students and staffat DHS to go above and beyond, both in and out of the classroom. Our slogan this year for students, faculty, and staff is “Everyone must do something” … that is The Wildcat Way.

My hope is that you will share my pride in Dunwoody High School as we work together to prepare our students for the future. Together, we will continue the tradition of excellence that defines Dunwoody High School … that is The Wildcat Way.

Thank you for your continued care and support!

Tom McFerrin

Stacey Blake, Asst. Principal, Discipline-9th & 12th, Athletic Dir.

Mr. Blake is the Assistant Principal for Discipline (grades 9 & 12). Additionally, he oversees building safety, security staff, & the duty roster, as well as serving as the Athletic Director for the school. Mr. Blake is the administrative liaison for Math & Health/P.E. He sponsors the Peer Leader program and advocates for an end to bullying, harassment, and bias.
Larryssa Harris, Asst. Principal, Assessment & Accountability
Mrs. Harris is ecstatic to be a part of Dunwoody High School’s awesome learning community! In addition to having over 20 years of instructional and leadership experience with the DeKalb County School District, Mrs. Harris is also a proud product of DCSD. As the assistant principal for assessments, Mrs. Harris works with all stakeholders as we document our focus on maximizing student learning and growth. Her door is always open, as she is delighted to serve the faculty, staff, community, and most importantly, the students of DHS. Mrs. Harris is the administrative liaison for the Social Studies and Fine Arts departments.
Andy Jameson, Asst. Principal, Instruction
Mr. Jameson serves as the Assistant Principal of Instruction at Dunwoody High School. He is responsible for the master schedule, scheduling process for students, and classroom instruction. He serves as the administrative liaison to the Science and World Languages Department. A proud part of the Wildcat family, Mr. Jameson has worked in the DeKalb County School District since 1998, all but one year of which has been at Dunwoody High School.
David Johnson, Asst. Principal, Attendance
As the Assistant Principal for Attendance, Mr. Johnson collaborates with students, parents, teachers and staff regarding student attendance and compliance with attendance guidelines. Additionally, Mr. Johnson serves as the administrative liaison for the Exceptional (Special Education) Department.
Karen Williams, Asst. Principal, Discipline-10th & 11th, Testing
Karen Williams is a dedicated educator who has served DCSD for 23 years. She is passionate about effective teaching and learning; therefore, she ensures that students are provided with rigorous instructional experiences that will lead to improved growth and achievement. Her responsibilities at DHS will include Discipline (10th & 11th grade) Testing, and serving as the administrative liaison for the English and CTAE (Career Tech) departments. Mrs. Williams is thrilled to serve in leadership with the DHS administrative team, staff, students and community.

Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence
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