Dunwoody High School Attendance Office
Attendance Procedures
Checking Out
  • Please send a note to the Attendance Office in the morning and your student will receive a pass to leave class and to meet you in our office at the specified time. You will be required to present photo ID in order to check out your student.
  • If your student is DRIVING OFF CAMPUS, you must indicate this in a note or in email (for liability reasons).
  • Students may NEVER leave school without checking out through the Attendance Office.
Checking In
  • There is no need to come in with your student if he/she is checking in. Just send a note from you (or a doctor’s slip) to the Attendance Office, and we will give your student a pass to class.
  • Students arriving at school between classes must still check in through the Attendance Office.

Students start out each semester with no tardies on their records. The warning bell rings at 8:05, and class begins promptly at 8:10. If your student is not seated in class at 8:10, your student is tardy to school. Students will report to class, and the teacher will mark the student "late-unexcused." Tardies will also be recorded by teachers for classes throughout the day. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary consequences and loss of privileges.


  • You may leave items/messages in the FRONT office, but it will be your student’s responsibility to check for them. We will not interrupt instructional time to deliver messages unless it is an emergency.
  • When calling the Attendance Office (678-874-8520), please be prepared to leave a message. Messages are checked often throughout the day, and calls will be returned promptly.
Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance is required for both the learner's permit and driver's license. The student must pay $3 for the notary fee and complete the form. Turnaround is usually a day. The ADAP certificate is only required for the driver's license. We are able to print the certificate only if the student took Health in 9th grade at Dunwoody.

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Attendance Office Links

Parents, please contact the Attendance Office regarding absences, check-ins, or check-outs.

Attendance Note Form
Parents, please use this form to report absences, check-ins, and check-outs.

Illness Protocol
Is your student too sick to come to school? Please click the link for information from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Protocolo de enfermedad
¿Está muy enfermo su hijo para asistir a la escuela? Por favor, haga clic en el enlace para obtener información de Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

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