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Maria Jiram, Assistant Principal - Attendance

Tracy Nash, Attendance Secretary

Stephanie Davis, Attendance Secretary

Attendance Office email:
Student Attendance
Student attendance will be a way to ensure that students have the academic and social-emotional support for virtual learning. Teachers will mark student attendance based upon participation in remote learning activities such as uploading assignments based upon pre-determined deadlines and participating in live synchronous sessions.

  • Students with technology will be expected to participate in all synchronous and asynchronous activities and earn attendance through VERGE, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and/or Zoom. 
  • Students without technology will be put on an individual plan as developed by the classroom teacher for additional support and contacted daily via an alternate communication plan.

The monitoring of attendance at the local school will take place by the classroom teacher for every class with the support of paraprofessionals, counselors, teacher librarians, library media assistants, assistant principals, data clerks, registrars, administrative assistants/secretaries, Student Support Specialists, Post-secondary Specialists, nurses, and other support personnel.

Student Presence

  • Attendance will be measured by the full day. Students are expected to participate in each class. 
  • Attendance is defined as evidence of engagement with the assignment. 
  • Attendance can be measured in the following ways (including, but not limited to): 
    • VERGE, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and/or Zoom check in
    • Assignments submitted that were due on that day 
    • Questions to answer on VERGE, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and/or Zoom 
    • Participation in an online discussion 
    • Class participation during synchronous session 
    • Login to synchronous session 
    • Phone call or email with the parent/guardian or related services provider

Student Absence: Excused Absence

  • The parent/guardian contacts the teacher to inform that the student is unable to participate in any activities for the day and emails the attendance office at
  • If a student has to miss class due to a doctor's appointment, the parent must send a doctor's note or a picture of the appointment card.
  • Please indicate whether your child is virtual or face-to-face when contacting the Attendance Office.

Student Absence: Unexcused Absence

  • The student does not participate in any part of the activities for the day.
  • The student has not checked in with the teacher.
  • The student’s parent/guardian does not contact the teacher and attendance office at


  • Encourage and require the student to participate in all synchronous and asynchronous activities and assignments.
  • Inform the local school designee and teacher of an absence within a 24-hour time period of the absence.
  • Inform the school if something is occurring that is preventing the student from participating in virtual learning.

“Research shows that attendance is an important factor in student achievement.”
(National Center for Education Statistics)
Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance is required for both the learner's permit and driver's license. The student must complete the form and submit it to the Attendance Office.  There is a 24-hour turn-around time. The ADAP certificate is only required for the driver's license. We are able to print the certificate only if the student took Health in 9th grade at Dunwoody.

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Attendance Office Links

Parents, please contact the Attendance Office regarding absences, check-ins, or check-outs. Please indicate whether your child is virtual or face-to-face.

Is your student too sick to come to school? Please click the link for information from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

¿Está muy enfermo su hijo para asistir a la escuela? Por favor, haga clic en el enlace para obtener información de Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

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